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If you have suffered an injury, there are several considerations to address that will let you put your life back together. You need medical attention. You may need a new mode of transportation. You need a personal injury lawyer who can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost earnings.

At David & Associates Personal Injury Law Firm, we understand your concerns. Our firm has made its mission to assist clients throughout the Wilmington North Carolina area with all the complications that arise in auto accidents, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases.

When you consider working with a personal injury attorney, you may assume that hiring one will strain your bank account. Not at David & Associates. Call us to discuss pricing. We are up-front and straightforward about our fee structures, and will find an arrangement that benefits you.

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Insurance adjusters in the area trust and respect the personal injury lawyers at David & Associates. They know were experienced and fight aggressively to get fair settlements for our clients. This often allows us to resolve claims quickly and with very favorable results for you.

Some Common Personal Injury Case Types That We Litigate

Car Accidents

Boating Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Trucking Accidents

Workers Compensation

Motorcycle Accidents

Why Hiring David & Associates As Your Lawyer Is Always A Winning Move

Experienced Attorneys

David & Associates Of Wilmington Has Over 70 Years Experience In Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Cases

Winning Streak

Our Attorneys Track Record For Winning Our Clients Cases & Getting Them The Money They Deserve Is Second To None

Fast Results

We Have The Knowledge & Expertise To Get Your Case Settled Fast. Getting Your Settlement Ahead Of Schedule Is Our Signature Move!

Affordable Help

We Offer Fast & Affordable Legal Representation. We Strive To Get You The Maximum Amount Of Compensation For Your Injuries

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