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When passenger vehicles are involved in accidents with semi-trucks or other commercial vehicles, serious injuries result. The sheer size of commercial and industrial vehicles almost guarantees calamity.

At David & Associates, we understand how dangerous these accidents can be, and we have 70 years of experience protecting the rights of victims. Our lawyers work with injured individuals in Wilmington and throughout North Carolina who have been hurt in commercial vehicle accidents.

In addition to the size difference, many commercial carriers aggressively defend cases. Because North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, an accident victim who is found even 1 percent responsible for the accident cannot collect any compensation under the commercial vehicle’s liability policy. In an effort to avoid liability, many commercial carriers and their insurance companies try to argue that the accident victim could have avoided the accident had they been paying attention etc.

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Getting Our Clients The Medical Attention They Need After A Trucking Accident

When accident victims contact our firm, we interview any witnesses to the accident, as well as the investigating police officer. If the accident was recorded on an intersection camera, we can use that footage to help reconstruct the accident. To help ensure we know exactly what caused the collision, we also work with accident specialists who can re-construct the accident scene and determine what caused the accident and whether it could have been prevented by either party.

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If you were injured in anaccident caused by the negligence of a driver operating a large commercial vehicle, we can help ensure you receive the best legal representation in town. Learn more about the services we provide by scheduling your free initial consultation.

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